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Three Great Forests to Visit in East Sussex

Every once in a while, we need to go to the countryside and give our lungs the much needed breath of fresh air. If you live in or around East Sussex, you could actually consider yourself lucky. East Sussex is home to some of the most wonderful forests and woodlands. Going to these parks will not just offer you and your family some quality time together, you will also burn that extra calories you've been dreading to get rid minus the large bills that come with your usual vacation destinations. So without further ado, here are the forests and woodlands you would not want to miss in East Sussex.

Friston Forest

If you love walking or biking, you would definitely love Friston Forest. Its rolling terrain is famous among mountain bikers and walkers. Enjoying its abundant beech woods is easy with its way routes marked to help visitor explorer the area. Be ready to find ample wildlife population in Friston Forest. It is not uncommon that visitors are greeted by unique types of butterflies while wandering through the forest. If you are patient enough, you would even be able to see some deer quietly feeding on its luscious vegetation. Other activities to enjoy here include riding and of course camping. Riding however requires permit, but I assure you getting one is worth it.

If you are going by car, you can choose between two parking providers in the area. Both offer unique views and ways to start your visit to the great Friston Forest.

Abbots Wood

Abbots Wood is brimming with a variety of tree species each serving different purpose. Chip board and paper producers get their raw materials from the conifer plantations in Abbots Wood. Finding firewood is easy in this area because of its abundance of Hornbeam and Hazel trees. And by being a bit observant, you will be greeted with the unique kinds of butterflies and small animals that inhabit this woodland. As with Friston Forest, riding in Abbots Wood requires permit.

Battle Great Wood

Battle Great Wood is popular among people who love walking. This woodland is filled with beautiful conifers, lovely ponds, heathlands, and wonderful streams. Battle Great Wood is brimming with wildlife as well. Be ready to be surprised by sightings of deer, badgers, colorful birds, and interesting small animals. Aside from some undulating terrains, the walking ways here are easy even to the inexperienced.

These are just three of the wonderful woodlands and forest that East Sussex has to offer. If you want to take your wildlife adventure to the next level you may also want to join forest school and woodland activities offered in East Sussex. These activities will not just make you enjoy the outdoors more but will give you tons of helpful insights about the world we live in and about yourself as well.

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