Selasa, 22 November 2011

Why You Should Install A Squirrel Feeder

The primary reason you should set up a squirrel feeder is due to the fact that as long as you have bird feeders set up in your yard, you are going to have squirrels climbing on them and attempting to steal the food. Why not entice them away from your bird feeders.

Squirrels are extremely amusing little creatures to watch and there are lots of different squirrel feeders that are created not only for feeding squirrels but also designed to keep you laughing. We feed birds because we enjoy watching them so why not feed your squirrels and enjoy some amusing entertainment.

A squirrel can basically consume it's body weight in approximately one week so that is why they will certainly be looking for readily available food in their area. They like to consume bird seed however dry corn cobs, peanuts and sunflower seeds are favorite treats for squirrels.

Popular Squirrel Feeders:

The most preferred are the dry corn feeders. You just attach an ear of dry corn to the feeder and the squirrels take pleasure picking off the kernels. This kind of squirrel feeder can be rather inventive and as we mentioned earlier, entertaining.

The advantage to these type of feeders is the squirrels must work for their food so they are occupied for a long period of time. The longer they are at their feeders, the less time they are attempting to raid your bird feeder.

One excellent example is the squirrel bungie which is a big favorite. The squirrels have to jump up to get at the corn and then they begin bouncing up and down while they attempt to pop off a few kernels. This one is a lot of fun to watch.

Another fun squirrel feeder is the spinner type dry corn feeder. These are designed to start spinning when a squirrel climbs on it to access the ear of dry corn. These can be very entertaining plus it's fun for the squirrel.

Once again as we have said earlier, these type of feeders occupy squirrels for a long period of time so they work quite well and are recommended if you want to keep them away from your bird feeders.

The last type of squirrel feeder is the feed box style. These can be made from wood, recycled plastic or metal. They come in many different shapes and sizes but all basically serve the same purpose. You fill them with sunflower seeds, shelled or un-shelled peanuts and watch the squirrels go to town. These type of feeders will get emptied pretty fast so be prepared to be stocking up on peanuts and sunflower seeds.

With the many choices available it makes sense to try this strategy to win the battle against those pesky squirrels. If you love to watch your birds visit your feeders and have accepted the fact that the squirrels are never going away then it's beneficial to install a squirrel feeder to satisfy all the visitors in your yard.

Rabu, 09 November 2011

The Bald Eagle's Lifespan

The Bald Eagle's Lifespan

Being the national bird of America, the eagle has become the global symbol of freedom and bravery. It can be easily identified in photos as an eagle with a white head and a golden beak. But being a bird of prey that eats other animals for food, not many people name it as their favorite bird. A lot of information about this bird is not very known to the public; details like actual diet, habitat, and the lifespan.

The Eagle's Diet

All animals, including bald eagle, live in habitats in which there is a rich source of food. Even though it is a predatory bird, the common misconception is that it eats roosters and little mammals,although it actually eats carrion (dead or dying fish); particularly salmon. The eagle is more of a scavenger than a real predator. They are rarely observed to prey on hen and other livestock, but they do take advantage of the most available food source around them.

The North American Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is the only bird which is recognized to be uniquely found in North America. Their boundaries stretch from down south to Mexico and way up north to Alaska and Canada. Their natural habitats are near their food sources; near waters rich with salmon, making the western half of North America it's ideal home.

The Bald Eagle Lifespan

All living creatures' lifespan depends on lots of elements; their diet, habitat, food source, their place in the food chain etc. Bald eagles can live up to the age of forty, but most eagles living in the wild have a lifespan averaging between fifteen to twenty years. The oldest identified of this species lived up to the age of forty-eight. In the past, their lifespan was much shorter due to hunting. However, since hunting them is prohibited and considered a serious crime, bald eagles can now live up to their full age potential.

The Hoax About The Eagle's Rebirth

Some stories tell the rebirth of the eagle, allowing it to live for yet another thirty years making the eagle the longest living bird. The story talks about a time in an eagle's life when the eagle will lose its beak, talons and feathers providing way for new ones to grow; thus it is reborn to live an additional life. Although this story revolved around the internet raising questions from bald eagle lovers about the reality in it, professionals announced that the story is an absolute hoax. Professionals say that the story lacks scientific and logical proof on the possibility of the eagle's survival without its beaks. It could have died of starvation way before the new beak could have sprouted. The story is no more than an allegory about life starting at the age of forty and moving on as authorities suggests, and not to be taken seriously.

The Symbol

According to experts, parrots and other birds can live longer than the bald eagle. It is not the longest living bird around, unlike the tale of its rebirth suggests. This bird may not be the all time crowd favorite; however, it will remain as the trademark of the USA and a symbol of freedom and bravery.